Colorado Retaining Wall Project Profiles

ID stadium retaining walls

The  University of Idaho chose Redi-Rock retaining walls to create access to  their stadium. Engineers chose Redi-Rock retaining walls over gabion baskets because Redi-Rock could be installed faster and the aesthetics fit the Northern Idaho campus. Learn more here!

WA DOT retaining walls

Washington DOT and road construction projects require aesthetic, structural solutions—and that’s exactly what Redi-Rock retaining walls were able to deliver on the Walla Walla roadway. Ledgestone retaining walls blocks built a gravity solution without closing lanes on this busy WA road.

ID Shoreline Protection for Home

Erosion was eating away at the shoreline of this Northern Idaho waterfront home. To reclaim their yard, the owners turned to Redi-Rock retaining walls to protect their shoreline and create an aesthetic solution to their erosion problems. Learn more about the project here! 

Retaining walls for marina construction in WA and ID

Protecting the shoreline of this Northern Idaho marina was top priority of this project. The marina was being expanded, and engineers designed Redi-Rock retaining walls to protect the shoreline and create an aesthetic finish for this Pend Oreille retaining wall project.

Spokane Soil Anchor Retaining Wall

When erosion began threatening the foundation this Spokane-area home, this family called on local engineers for a solution. Redi-Rock retaining walls reinforced with soil anchors allowed the retaining walls to be built without encroaching on property lines and proved to be the best erosion solution.

WA Bridge Abutments Using Retaining Walls

This Spokane area bridge used Redi-Rock retaining walls to create aesthetic, structural bridge abutments. Architectural grade retaining wall blocks stand up to freeze-thaw cycles and still look great for WA transportation retaining walls. 

WA memorial amphitheater construction using retaining walls

Amphitheater construction at this Eastern WA boy scout camp increased accessibility and also created a lasting memorial for a family. Learn more about how to construct an amphitheater out of retaining wall blocks or create a lasting stone memorial here.

This Spokane veterans memorial used Redi-Rock retaining walls, pavers, freestanding walls, and columns to create an aesthetic, structural memorial that honors veterans. Learn more about this Spokane wall project here! 

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Design Manual

  • retaining wall case study

    The Redi-Rock Design Resource Manual is an invaluable resource for any engineer or architect designing a Redi-Rock wall.

    Download the Redi-Rock Design Resource Manual today!

    Complete Manual 
    Note: This is a large file and may take several minutes to download

    Section 1
    -General Info
    -Case Studies
    -Block Library
    -Design Information

    Section 2
    -Height Guides

    Section 3
    -Product Data Sheets and CSI Specifications

    Section 4
    -Installation Guide and Construction Details

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Northern CO Retaining Walls

How Does Redi-Rock Work?

How retaining walls work: Greeley CO retaining walls

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